Restoring Wood Windows

With rising energy costs, a lot of old wooden windows are being replaced with new, more energy efficient windows.  There are a lot of great replacement windows on the market.  Still, replacement may not always be an option and, indeed, is not necessarily the best choice.  Many old wood windows are well built and have the potential to perform well and offer many more years of service.  In addition, old wood windows can add a lot of character and beauty to your home.   

Extreme Window Restoration:
Someone smashed these lovely garage windows!!  Luckily I was able to put them back together again and mill new mullions where they were totally destroyed.  .


On the outside of wooden windows, the glass is held in by a putty known as window glazing.  This needs to be replaced routinely (in my experience it seems to last ten years, give or take depending on the quality of installation, whether it is maintained, and exposure to the elements).  If you have problems with air leaking around your window glass or you see cracks or sections of glazing missing, replacing the glazing is likely a good idea.



Broken Glass:

Cracked or broken glass lets a lot of cold air into your house.  I will remove the old window glazing and glass and glaze in a new pane.

Broken Sash cords:

Does your window slam shut because of a broken sash cord?  You can keep propping it open with a piece of wood or call and I'll replace your old sash cords.  Usually a 1 to 2 hour project and your window will work like new.

No sash cords or want an easier way out?

There are springs available to slide in between the window and the frame that create just enough friction to get the windows working right again.  A 15 minute fix and a $2 part.


Modern weatherstripping can be added to your wood windows and/or your wood storm windows.

Before you know it, you'll be enjoying more comfortable, more energy efficient home without sending your windows to the landfill!

Call or email for a free consultation and estimate.


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