Interior Trim

A coped joint is the most elegant and durable way to join interior trim at a room's inside corners.  One piece of trim is cut square and meets the corner while the other is cut to meet the profile of the first.  
To make the joint, I first miter the correct end of a piece of trim stock to expose the profile as below.  

I use a coping saw (the tool in the picture above) to saw away the majority of the waste.  This operation need not be exact.  Rather, I aim to leave 1/16th of an inch and use an assortment of files to perfect the profile.  

This is how the joint meets up:

Here is another example of a coped joint.  Here I am installing picture molding, an old style of crown molding and the profile is more complex.  

cut the miter

the profile is revealed

cut away the waste

it's helpful to check the joint's fit on a scrap

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